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Orientica Velvet Gold - 10ML

Orientica Velvet Gold - 10ML

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Velvet Gold by Orientica is a captivating Floral fragrance tailored for women, unveiled as a new olfactory gem in 2022. Its enchanting composition is a harmonious blend of carefully selected notes.

The fragrance commences its majestic performance with top notes that include zesty bergamot, smooth caramel, romantic violet, and cheerful pink pepper. This mesmerizing overture sets the stage for the hypnotic heart notes of powdery allure, sweet and spicy patchouli, and delightful rose. As the fragrance unfolds, it gracefully concludes with captivating base notes, including subtle musk, free-spirited animalic accords, and uplifting vanilla. The result is a perfume that not only captivates the senses but seamlessly aligns with your charming personality.

Velvet Gold is not just a fragrance; it's an experience of visual and olfactory splendor, encapsulated in a stunning bottle. Let this perfume be the signature that effortlessly complements your unique allure.

Decant Travel Size Spray Bottle: 10ML

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