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Scout Fragrance

Flowerbomb - 10ML

Flowerbomb - 10ML

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Immerse yourself in the floral symphony of this women's perfume, where cattleya, jasmine, and rose converge in an intoxicating whirl. The infusion of warm patchouli and vanilla provides a grounding touch to the fresh fragrance, introducing a sensual twist reminiscent of a room filled with delicate rose petals.

About the Bottle: Encased in the iconic grenade-shaped bottle, this floral women's perfume radiates through its soft-pink hue, beautifully contrasting the bold exterior with the distinctly feminine essence captured within.

About the Fragrance: Indulge in the essence of a summer garden party with this opulent feminine perfume. Bursting with floral notes of rosebud and jasmine, harmonized by a warm base of patchouli and vanilla cologne, this fragrance for women emanates classic femininity through its embrace of warm floral scents.

This fragrance stands as an esteemed recipient of the Allure Best of Beauty award.

Decant Travel Size Spray Bottle: 10ML

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